Author of an article should always be able to read (see, not write) his articles


So, when an author makes an item, he is the creator and should be able to see in what workflow steps his article is. He does not have writing right, only reading rights.

Required changes:

  • integrated\content-bundle\Resources\config\solr\content.xml: only the author names are currently indexed in Solr, the ID's need to be added in a new field

  • ContentController in ContentBundle: allow document with the current user as author ($user->getRelation() to get the relation object from the logged in user, please note that the relation link is optional, so not all users will have this filter) to be viewed in the content overview (screenshot-1)

  • integrated\workflow-bundle\Security\WorkflowVoter.php --> find out if the current user is author, if so allow view (note: the Author is only available when the document is instanceof Article, other content items do not have an author field)

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Marijn Otte

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