Add export function to xml, csv and xlsx


  • New Bundle: IntegratedExportBundle (empty repository is available)

  • New menu item Content - Export (

  • Export page with list of content types and "Export" button. In a later release also Search selections will be added to this page.

  • After click Export a new page will appear to choose the Export format: xml, csv or xlsx

  • After choose a new page will apear and tell to user to wait for the download. The export need to be started here

  • Use for xlsx writing. Use cache options ( to set a cache that uses 50% of the available memory (also check PHP memory limit)

  • For XML use a simple format that includes all available fields

  • All fields for the content type (as selected on /admin/contenttype/<contenttype>/edit need to be included)

  • The export need to work for all content types, also custom made one's. Use some intelligent way (maybe reflection) to get the data.

  • Relations will be added in a later release

  • Build the real export as a service, the controllers need to be tiny

  • During export check the PHP max execution time. When it's near that time add a line with "PARTIAL EXPORT" in each column. Add a Flash message ( with "The export is a partial one. It was unable to finish because of the execution time."

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Marijn Otte
December 7, 2015, 10:09 PM

There seems something wrong with the service registration (can't find out what):






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