Allow sorting in block overview


In block overview on:

  • Sort on Block name by default

  • Allow sort on (Block name,) Short code and Type by click on the label

  • Add facet filter (as on the Integrated homepage, but that one uses Solr, the BlockBundle won't) for Block type

  • Add the integrated/page-bundle as suggestion in composer.json

  • If the IntegratedPageBundle has been loaded:

  • - Add a column "Channels" on the block page

  • - Read all pages from the IntegratedPageBundle to find out the channels they are used on and display them

  • - Add facet filter for Channel

To get some example records in the IntegratedPageBundle follow these instructions:
Go to Menu - Manage - Channels
Edit a channel (with the pencil icon)
For domains, enter: localhost

Go to Menu - Manage - Connectors
Choose Options - New website configuration Website 2
form.config.channels: the channel you have chosen
theme: default

Go to Menu - Website - Pages
Choose Options - New
Title: Example
URL: /example

Go to: http://localhost:8080/app_dev.php/example
Choose "Edit"
Choose "+" to add some blocks
--> this will place blocks on pages. A page has a channel, the one that needs to be displayed

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Marijn Otte
December 23, 2015, 8:19 PM


When adding some blocks without adding them to channels a zero-checkbox appears. This is not OK, only checkboxes with channels which have a count > 0 should appear.
Note: I don't know why the channel name is empty in this case. Maybe because there are not pages at all.





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