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      Allow custom style box (see screenshot) to be configured in XML files per bundle. The styles in the XML files in each bundle are all added to the style_formats section.

      Required changes:

      • In vendor/integrated/formtype-bundle/Integrated/Bundle/FormTypeBundle/Resources/views/Form/form_div_layout.html.twig the Tinymce toolbar button "formatselect" need to be replaced by "styleselect".
      • In vendor/integrated/formtype-bundle/Integrated/Bundle/FormTypeBundle/Resources/views/Form/form_div_layout.html.twig the style_formats need to be added:
        style_formats: [
        {title: 'Heading 2', block: 'h2' }


        {title: 'Heading 3', block: 'h3' }


        {title: 'Heading 4', block: 'h4' }


        {title: 'Heading 5', block: 'h5' }


        {title: 'Preformatted (fixed font)', block: 'pre' }


        {title: 'Custom style 1', block: 'div', classes: 'further-reading', wrapper : true}


        {title: 'PHP code', block: 'pre', classes: 'brush: php' }


      • In the example above the "Custom style 1" and "PHP code" are custom styles. They need to be read from an XML file. Each bundle can contain a contentstyle XML file in Resources/config/contentstyle/contentstyle.xml. (in vendor/integrated/solr-bundle/Integrated/Bundle/SolrBundle/DependencyInjection/CompilerPass/RegisterConfigFileProviderPass.php there is an example of config files for Solr that are read for each bundle.
      • The XML file must contain the options that are used in the style_formats above
      • The XML file must also contain a content_css option. This will be added to the content_css of the Tinymce configuration (comma seperated):
        content_css: "/bundles/integratedformtype/css/tinymce.content.css,/custom/content/css/url.css",
      • Each bundle can have a contentstyle.xml file and all the styles have to be merged to be able to choose them in the editor. For example if you write a PHP-code-highlighter bundle it can provide styles for PHP-code highlighting that can be chosen in the editor.




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