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Login / registration page on website - registration


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      Integrated already has the possibility to select a user scope for a channel. However a login and registration is currently not possible. This will be addressed in this series of issues.

      The login / registration process starts at /user/login

      Login and register will be one flow with 3 steps:

      • Enter e-mail address
      • Choose content type (only when registering and with multiple registration types available)
      • Enter profile data (only when registering)
      • Enter password

      This issue will address step 2, 3 and 4

      For this issue a list of register-able content types is needed. This list is formed by the content types which have a form configuration for registration for the current channel ( INTEGRATED-1359 Verify specs ).

      Frontend registration requirements

      • Two password fields will appear under the e-mail field. Placeholders: "Please enter a password to register" / "Please re-enter your password"
      • Require at least 8 characters
      • After click "Next" show the text "Register as" with a button for every register-able content type. If there is only 1 register-able content type, skip this step and auto-select the type.
      • Show a form with the defined form configuration
      • When valid data is entered the user will be created. Also a Relation will be created with selected content type and data from the form configuration. The user and relation will be linked
      • The user will be logged in immediately
      • The user will return to the returnurl


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