Form field order and relation subchoice - Form configuration editing



As multiple configurations are possible, we need to be able to edit them.


Requirements list configurations on content type page

  • At /admin/contenttype/{slug}/show

  • Add a "Form configurations" section

  • Display all field configurations in a list, starting the "Default configuration"

  • Add an "Add new" link in the "Form configurations" section

  • Click on a configuration / Add new will open the new / edit page for a form configuration

Requirements edit form configuration

Note: drag/drop is in INTEGRATED-257, read-only is currently not in scope and is a future feature

  • When the selected configuration is not the default, a field "Name" will be added to enter the name of the configuration

  • When the selected configuration is not the default, the "Name" is a required field

  • Then opening the form will be generated showing:

    • First the fields which have been configured before, ordered by configured order, excluding the fields which have been removed from the content type configuration

    • Second the fields which have been added to the the content type configuration and are not configured yet.

  • Note: the "Readonly" checkbox is currently out of scope

  • Adding custom fields is also in this issue

  • Click Save will save the form configuration

Test scenarios

  • Add content type, define multiple field configurations, save it

  • Open the content type again and verify if the configurations are saved

  • Edit the content type and verify the changed have been saved

  • Verify the name field for non-default configurations only

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